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Tremonti is an American rock band founded and fronted by lead vocalist and guitarist Mark Tremonti, best known as the guitarist of the American rock band Creed, and the lead guitarist of American rock band Alter Bridge. The band also consists of rhythm guitarist Eric Friedman, drummer Garrett Whitlock, and bassist Wolfgang Van Halen. What originally started as a Mark Tremonti solo project evolved into a fully fledged band after the release of the group's first album, All I Was, in July 2012. That album featured Tremonti himself playing bass in addition to lead vocals and guitar, and the band was joined by Tremonti's Creed and Alter Bridge bandmate Brian Marshall playing bass on tour until his departure later that year. He was replaced by Van Halen bassist Wolfgang Van Halen, who contributed to the band's second album, Cauterize, which was released on June 9, 2015. The band also has another album, entitled Dust, serving as a continuation to Cauterize that will also be released in the coming year.

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