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Kyuss is a rock band, originally from Palm Desert, California. After forming in the late 1980s and releasing an EP under the name Sons of Kyuss in 1990, the band shortened its name to Kyuss. Over the next five years the band released four full-length albums, and one last split EP in 1997 with Kyuss and the newly formed Queens of the Stone Age. This nicely tied up the loose ends of Kyuss and introduced the new band Queens of the Stone Age, which was initially composed entirely of ex-Kyuss members.
The band's only continuous members were vocalist John Garcia and guitarist Josh Homme, but also featured Brant Bjork, Nick Oliveri, Scott Reeder, Alfredo Hernandez, and Chris Cockrell. Kyuss split up in 1995, and since then, members of Kyuss have gone on to form or play in several notable bands including Queens of the Stone Age, Fu Manchu, Dwarves, Brant Bjork, Eagles of Death Metal, Mondo Generator, Hermano, Unida, Slo Burn and Them Crooked Vultures. However, in November 2010, Kyuss announced a reunion as Kyuss Lives!, who has been embarking on a world tour since March 2011 and plans release a new album in 2012.Guitarist Bruno Fevery is filling in for Homme, who has always discouraged talk of a reunion.

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